Daniel Dragon

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A dragon in our house!

Daniel Dragon has lived with us since decembre 2017 week.
Daniel is a hand puppet and since Wesse learns a lot from the hand puppets at school, we have introduced Daniel in our house. Daniel will help us to communicate with Wesse when talking to a person is too overwhelming for him.

In the first week we already had a positive experience! In the car Wesse finds it a nice game to let his brother pull him in the hair. Dad and mum had already said it was not allowed, but when Daniel Dragon said it, Wesse understood and reacted immediately. 1-0 for Daniel!
At the moment we use Daniel to clear Wesse’s mind going to sleep. Daniel comes to him when he lays in bed and asks for a hug. Then he asks questions about how the day went.
After the talking, he asks if he can sleep with Wesse and sometimes he can! Other days he sleeps in the cabinet or Wesse’s brother takes Daniel to bed.

Sometimes Wesse comes out of bed and uses “I want to tell you something” as an excuse to get one of us to lay beside him. We then say “Go tell Daniel!” and tuck him in again.
We couldn’t have thought it would work so well, but we hear it more often that children with autism find it easier to communicate with a doll than with a person, due to the non-verbal communication and facial expressions we make when listening.
So that makes Daniel a successful life hack !