Potty Training

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How it all started….
When Wesse was 3,5, we wanted to make sure that he would become potty trained, as he would go to school soon. But how?
Luckily our family counselor helped us, who first explained that it was probably difficult for Wesse to make the connection between the feeling in his stomach / bladder and actually doing the action on the toilet. We should make this connection for him, by putting him on the toilet when we almost know for sure that he had to pee.
In addition, the whole process of going to the toilet delivered a lot of overstimulation and fidget: Mum says I have to go to the toilet, I have to get out of my game. I have to look down my pants, hey! what fun! a tap in the toilet. And what can you do with toilet paper? Oh yes, we were there to pee …. too late!
A row of pictos was the idea! Then we could guide Wesse step by step and there was no or little room for distraction. A row on paper was no motivation to go to the toilet, but the promise to watch a movie does!
Nerds as we are, we started building an app ourselves. A very simple one, with pictures of our own toilet and 1 movie (which we have had to listen to very often and yes, we know can dance the song ourselves too)

The most important thing was to pay attention to the signals, if we put him on the toilet at the right time, it was possible for him to make the connection between feeling in his bladder and doing a pee.
Fortunately Wesse occasionally woke up with a practically dry diaper. THE moment to put him on the toilet and wait. He was patient because he wanted to see the movie.
Because of this he made the link between going to the toilet and peeing. And increasingly we went at the right time, with less and less accidents.
We agreed with our family counselor not to put a diaper on him at home and then see if we could make him “potty trained by clock”.

And then it happened, we went away for a day and forgot to put a diaper on him. He was a bit restless, but I couldn’t find out why. In the meantime, Wesse had remained dry. As I discovered the missing diaper it I put on a diaper for the rest of the day. When we got home Wesse ran to the bathroom, a pee! And since then he is potty trained, actually without accidents.